domenica 26 dicembre 2010

I need a brown hat

Good evening,this is what I wore on Christmas eve!I really need a brown hat!

The past two days have been fantastic:I've got my gifts,ate a lot and played cards!!
Tomorrow is the day of departure,the suitcase is almost doone,I take a few things,the essentials.
Hope that it 'll be a quite travel;)

Unfortunately, I can't bring me my notebook, so I'll not write nothing:(
Wish you a great holidays!!!

giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Really good day

Finally, schools are closed!!yeeessss, I can't belive it!We went to Rome to do some shopping;it was a very hot day,really...18degrees waaah O.O
Anyway, I bought a pair of leather pants and a white jumper,both in H&M(; hope to have much luck in Varsav;)
There are so many good things to eat at home for tomorrow,mmmmh =P

What've you cooked???

Which is my favorite color for you???;) eheheh

PS:I apologize, as always, for my poor English:(

mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

You can follow me on Bloglovin too!

Click on the title!!!

martedì 21 dicembre 2010

lunedì 20 dicembre 2010

Decorations &Gifts

Some photos to remember this Christmas!You can see gifts that I bought in these days and my favorite mini ,white Santa Claus,it's so nice*_*;finally, in the last photo there is one Christmas ball from my tree!ahah
Candels create a great atmosphere!!!

I'll cook some biscuits this evening...eheh,hope that 'll be good;)=P

domenica 19 dicembre 2010


Gifts mission successfully completed!!!Yes!!I'll show you them as soon as possible, unfortunately don'tt have photos now:(
This is a picture of my room in the morning,AHAH I hadn't made my bed!Sorry....;)

Hope you're spending a nice weekand;unfortunately I have to study, but from tomorrow I will not open a book!Promis!

PS:which presents did you buy for your friends & parents?

venerdì 17 dicembre 2010

Mission gifts

Good evening!!Today I decided to show you my grandfather's camera,which is in my room now;) it's fantastic!
Tomorrow mission gifts!!Yes,I will have to commit ,have very little time....I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.
I wanna take a long hot shower now....*_*

giovedì 16 dicembre 2010


I noticed that the new collections have exhibited many nice dresses, there are some that really like above!Especially love n.1,hope to find it...

I want prepare some cookies with small holes to hung them on the tree, my dream,but these days'll be very very busy,so think that I'll do it a few days before a Christmas Eve.
I can't wait!!!Can you give me some advices???

...wish you a good evening, HUGS!!!

mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

Too cold=(

Horrible day!I felt sick at school, headache was killing me=(but I felt better after a few hours!;)
It's too cold!Fortunately, I know how protect myself from it:wool scarfes,my old UGG boots and fur hat ;only miss me a pair of gloves!! poor hands!:(

I'm very hungry! I hope to have dinner soon!!

martedì 14 dicembre 2010


Ok!Still don't know exactly what I want for Christmas!However, I'm interested in a pair of Dr.Martens.I looked for some infomation about them on the ufficial website and saw that there are many models!Can you give me some advices???What are the best between n.1,2 and 3???

lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

Monki- catalogue

I got my catalog Monki this afternoon,I immediatly made a cup of hot tea and lit a candel for a better atmosphere.There was a written on the first page(photo), what a coincidence!ahahah

domenica 12 dicembre 2010

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