lunedì 20 dicembre 2010

Decorations &Gifts

Some photos to remember this Christmas!You can see gifts that I bought in these days and my favorite mini ,white Santa Claus,it's so nice*_*;finally, in the last photo there is one Christmas ball from my tree!ahah
Candels create a great atmosphere!!!

I'll cook some biscuits this evening...eheh,hope that 'll be good;)=P

9 commenti:

  1. ciaooo bellaa!! com'è che non conoscevo il tuo blog??!! sono diventata tua follower!!! ti aspetto nel mio se ti va!! baciooo! a presto!

  2. im SOOOO READY for christmas now!!!! :D xxx

  3. Hey dear :)

    thank you for visiting my blog and your comment!

    Yes, the dresses are beautiful and the model too, but she´s only 12 years old :(

    Love Lola

  4. Your Santa Claus is sooo adorable!! I can't wait till christmas eve!

  5. thank you :)
    wonderful dekoration

  6. Im so excited for Xmas!


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